We all have our own ideas of the perfect vacation getaway, and if yours involves a quaint New England style cottage with just enough room for two, Cape Cod Property 100, affectionately called the Cottage, is the space that will make your dreams come true! Offering one comfortable bedroom, one bright and airy bathroom, and an overload of New England chic, this clapboard structure may not take up very much floor space, but it holds a giant space in our hearts! This sweet home is designed to up the romance factor in your honeymoon getaway to Cape Cod, even if you have been married for 20 years or longer.

The Cape Cod Lifestyle

There are places on Cape Cod that are more fancy and sophisticated, but the lifestyle we live here is mostly simple and laidback, with the Cottage being a perfect example. Two evergreens flank the wood screen door topped with a sign that tells you that you have arrived. The weathered gray clapboard adds a charm to the structure, inviting visitors to take their very first selfie of their stay against its backdrop before they even step inside! Once the obligatory pics are taken at the correct angles, it is time to explore the treasures hidden behind the red door, starting with the open concept public areas.

Large windows add light to the cozy spaces found within, and wood floors polished to a bright glow provide a warmth that is elegant and appealing. The colors of the Cape can be found throughout; the blue of the skies on a summer day appears in the plush furnishings of the living room, the tan of the sands that frame our beaches adorn the walls, and the crisp whites that exemplify our New England simplicity are seen in the cabinets of the cozy kitchen located just off the living area. Compact and efficient, this space is fully equipped, and because the room is open to the rest of the home, the cook of the day does not have to feel left out and alone! A cozy dining space and a bathroom completes the public space, again, compact and cozy but still managing to offer everything you need to make your stay in our Foran Realty cottage one that checks off all the boxes for a dream vacation.

Don’t stop yet, as there is still more to see. Head up the stairs to the loft bedroom, furnished with a super soft bed topped with a classic quilt. Angled ceilings painted blue give this space a romantic feel while unique shaped windows let in light and warmth on a cooler summer Cape Cod day.

Built for Relaxation

Entertainment options don’t stop at the door with this cozy cottage; outside you will find a wood deck topped with a barbecue grill and chaise lounge chairs resting casually in the green grasses of the yard. Reserve Cape Cod Property 100 with us today and discover how much you have been needing this Cape Cod getaway!