As we enter that in between season—you know, the months between the winter holidays and the summer holidays—there is a long dry spell when it comes to extended weekends. President’s Day has passed, and except for a brief flirtation with a hangover suffered from too much St. Patrick’s Day celebrating, we really have nothing to look forward to. Time moves at an excruciatingly slow pace, and we begin to get on our family’s nerves as we squabble about nothing in particular. There is one bright spot in these long gray months, however, and that is the Easter holiday! Even though it isn’t one we normally travel during, we at Foran Realty think this is the year you should step out of the Easter “basket” with a visit to Cape Cod and a stay in one of our Foran Realty holidays hideaways!

Built for Comfort

After the past 12 months, we are all looking for a little extra comfort and coddling, and our Foran Realty Easter escapes have it all! Offering more than a touch of luxury in a world that has changed so much, your stay here will be one you never forget. Wake up early on Easter and watch your children delight in the baskets the Easter Bunny left for them in living areas that are warm and welcoming, helped by a fire crackling merrily in the fireplace that is the focal point of the room. Create an Easter feast in our fully equipped kitchens, not forgetting to boil and color the eggs you can hide around the house (if the weather is a little wet and cold) or outside on the patio, deck, or in the yard on a sunny and serene Easter Sunday. Gather together to enjoy the meal you created at large tables designed to hold all the members of your traveling party, telling stories and laughing at the tired old Dad jokes that even Mom can’t help giggling at every so often! And when the sugar buzz wears off, leaving your littles passed out wherever they are sitting, carry them into bedrooms furnished with only the most comfortable of beds; it’s ok if they won’t release their plastic egg that has become such a treasure.

A Softer Quieter Getaway

Your Easter getaway to Cape Cod can be even better than the ones you spent at home in previous years, making this escape one that you wish could last forever. Reserve your Foran Realty Easter escape today!