Although the winter holidays are wonderful and our milestone birthdays and anniversaries are special, there is one weekend in the year that brings us great joy, as it serves as the starting line for our favorite season. Memorial Day Weekend is just a few months away, and as winter fades away, spring arrives, and summer stands in the wings waiting patiently to enter from stage right, now is the perfect time to start planning your Cape Cod getaway and a stay in one of our Foran Realty holiday escapes! This guide to the fun you can have with us will make Memorial Day Weekend one of your favorite holidays as well!

The Days Are Longer

As the sun shines brightly down on lucky visitors and residents of Cape Cod, you begin to explore the luxury amenities and comforts of our Foran Realty homes, but unlike other trips to this historic area, this adventure starts with the exterior of your temporary home. Head out the back doors, where large decks, patios, or balconies offer the promise of parties just waiting to happen. Featuring chaise lounges for sunning yourself, chairs for sitting and soaking in the views, and plenty of places to eat, drink, and be merry, these will be your favorite spots. The views may be glorious “seascapes” with sand and beach to remind you why you chose Cape Cod for your getaway, or they may be simple glimpses of the family neighborhood you’ve picked for peace and quiet, offering colorful hydrangea blooms and the sounds of children laughing and playing in the distance. At night, when the moon rises high and the landscape comes to light in its soft glow, your explorations of your hideaway may move inside, where you discover cheerful kitchens, warm and inviting living spaces, and bedrooms designed to offer the best sleeps of your life.

The Fun Never Ends

For now, there may not be any special events commemorating this holiday, but you can celebrate the beginning of summer in your own way! Spend your days playing at the beaches, taking family photos at the lighthouses, and devouring fresh seafood at every chance (Grill up that striped bass you caught on your fishing expeditions and accept all the accolades thrown at you!). Living your best life on Cape Cod in one of our Foran Realty vacation escapes is the best way of showing your appreciation for those who sacrificed it all for our freedom. Reserve your stay with us today!