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Truro Property Management

On the north end of Cape Cod, there is a popular summer destination known as Truro. This exclusive area is highly prized by people who want to buy rental properties because it’s easy to keep them booked up. The residents are proud of their town, so not much development happens without approval. If you have scored a property here to rent to vacationers, we at Foran Realty think you are fortunate indeed!

But because you’re so lucky, you decide to try and manage the property yourself. So, you fix up what needs to be fixed, paint walls and trim, and buy new linens. You check out all the neighborhood and HOA rules. You make sure your property has the right insurance. You get your financial advisors and CPA on the phone and fill them in on the purchase so they can get the right information from you at tax time. Then you get to do all the work of interviewing and screening people, taking credit card payments, handling the 2:00 a.m. calls, scheduling cleaning, making sure you are following town rules on rental properties, and more. Wait, you get to do it? No, you have to do it.

Or do you? If you have considered a management company and decided not to do it because of the cost, let’s go through the list of what our Truro property management team can do for you.

Truro Property Management Evaluations

Just because you like a home, it doesn’t mean it will book well. We have expert knowledge of what renters will go for (and no, it isn’t the 1990s sponge-painted walls). We will help you get repairs scheduled, advise you on updating and upgrading, and schedule regular maintenance like lawn mowing, snow shoveling, and trash removal. Now your list of things to do is much shorter.

Marketing and Listing

Listing your home for rent requires specialized skills like good photography, copywriting, and ensuring the rates are exactly right to keep it fully booked. Unless you have an education in marketing, photographic arts, writing, computer science, and statistics, this will be a little difficult. You can’t read an article on how to do any of those and suddenly have the skills you need to promote your Truro MA vacation rental. Our Truro property management team has individuals who specialize in those skills. So now there are several things off your list!

Keeping Your Property Safe

We don’t just get you to sign on the dotted line and then leave you worrying about your vacation home. We drive past your property to make sure it’s being cleaned well between renters. We make sure nothing has happened to the house due to weather or other events, and that renters treat it with the respect it deserves. This is the peace of mind a management company owes you. This service is especially valuable if you live out of town. It’s not fair to ask your Cape Cod resident Aunt Becky to drive by now and then. If we earn your business, that’s our job!

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork!

If you think the paperwork is done when you sign the mortgage papers, think again! There are rental forms, tax forms, customer surveys to complete, income and expense reports, insurance papers, and other things to fill out and file. If you don’t mind mountains of paperwork towering over your life, great! But most people hate paperwork. So, leave it to us. Again, out-of-town owners like this because we know local and regional paperwork that is necessary here and might not be in your home town.

The other reason to have us do all the paperwork is taxation. You need certain documents and forms done just right. You don’t need to call a management company and ask for it, then wait while they figure out what it is and take forever to get it to you. You also don’t need to be working all that out for yourself. Again, let the experts handle it.

There are other, more minor details we handle for you, too. We make sure there are linens in the bathrooms, the bedlinens are in good condition, pools are watertight, etc. We have so many years of experience that nothing gets by us anymore.

Once you have decided to hire us to manage your Truro MA vacation rental, you get your super-sized list of things to do down to just a few tasks—fill out our paperwork, buy the home with our help (if you need it), and let us do our jobs. Basically, it boils down to one thing on your list—just saying, “Yes!”

Please take advantage of that experience and contact us today about managing your home. It’s an important enough investment to make sure the Truro property management experts at Foran Realty handle it.