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Sandwich Property Management

Do you need a Sandwich property management company that can handle both the marketing and the maintenance of your rental? We have been in business since 2012, and our clients rave about our efficiency. If you want better management, relief from doing it all yourself, or want better quality bookings, let our Sandwich MA property management team help! Here’s what we can do for you.

Asset Protection

One of the biggest worries about owning a vacation home that hundreds of other people will live in is security and asset protection. We think this is entirely understandable. We partner with leaders in the insurance industry to provide multiple levels of insurance to your property. We realize your vacation home is your business, and we don’t take that lightly. We are here to protect you, your property, and the investment vital to your family and future.


There are a lot of things to sign when you invest in a vacation property. There are also lots of community regulations, associations who have a say in what you do with your property, and state and local guidelines. We will make sure your documents are signed, sealed, and delivered to the right place. We will also provide all the documentation you need to file your taxes, and we won’t make you wait until the last minute!


The days between renters are some of the most critical days for property management. You have to make sure that everything is cleaned and sanitized, trash removed, carpets are well-vacuumed, the beds are made, the shampoos and soaps are replenished, the kitchen is restocked with staple foods—the list goes on.

Who should you trust with this important job? How do you find good cleaning companies? One mistake can mean a poor rating! Instead of taking care of all that yourself, let us handle the cleaning. Our cleaning vendors are hand-picked after screening and interviews. This is especially critical with all the new CDC guidelines for safety.


We understand that you have invested some big hard-earned dollars for this property. Maybe you are creating a future retirement destination, a fund for getting the kids through college, or a retirement income. In any event, we take your investment as seriously as if it were our own, and only hire the best maintenance companies out there. They will assess and repair your home, mow the lawn, do seasonal maintenance like winter preparations, and more. We screen these companies and only use the best and most reliable.

Choosing Your Sandwich MA Rentals

Are you having a hard time deciding between Sandwich MA rentals? Fell in love with the potential of a home, but it needs repairs? How do you evaluate them and make a good decision?

We can advise you on all aspects of choosing a vacation home. Contact us before you pick out your investment.

Living Remotely

If you live in the area, then the chances are good that you have a good idea of what areas are best for rental opportunities. If you don’t live here—or near Cape Cod—handling business will be challenging. And, for homeowners who know less about the area, it can be challenging to find someone trustworthy to do repairs and maintenance. Take advantage of our relationships with the best in town.

Marketing and Guest Screening

There are so many platforms, so many marketing sites, so many forms of social media advertising–you can give your computer its very own headache just trying to evaluate them all. We have a platform set up, send expert real estate photographers to your property, and screen clients. We also field the credit card payments and make sure you get your money, too.

How? By first having an excellent reputation! Our renters give us high marks consistently, which means YOU will have high marks. We also use email campaigns, social media, and other advertising to get the word out about your rental property.

Why Do People Vacation on Cape Cod?

Because Cape Cod is a beautiful place to visit! There are attractions and activities here that you can’t get anywhere else, and it’s often on peoples’ bucket list. The beach, nature, the food, the people here—all make it a great destination. It’s always a good idea to buy your rental in popular tourist towns.

There is so much to do when managing a property these days that it pays to have someone else do it, especially if you have another job. No one should have to work a full day then come home to manage their vacation properties. Our Sandwich MA property management team has the expertise in managing vacation homes that you need to be worry-free.

This is an important decision, so contact us today. Talk to our experts at Foran Realty about how we can help you achieve your dreams.