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We all have our own ideas of the perfect vacation getaway, and if yours involves a quaint New England style cottage with just enough room for two, Cape Cod Property 100, affectionately called the Cottage, is the space that will make your dreams come true! Offering one comfortable bedroom, one bright and airy bathroom, and an overload of New England chic, this clapboard structure may not take up very much floor space, but it holds a giant space in our hearts! This sweet home is designed to up the romance factor in your honeymoon getaway to Cape Cod, even if you have been married for 20 years or longer.

The Cape Cod Lifestyle

There are places on Cape Cod that are more fancy and sophisticated, but the lifestyle we live here is mostly simple and laidback, with the Cottage being a perfect example. Two evergreens flank the wood screen door topped with a sign that tells you that you have arrived. The weathered gray clapboard adds a charm to the structure, inviting visitors to take their very first selfie of their stay against its backdrop before they even step inside! Once the obligatory pics are taken at the correct angles, it is time to explore the treasures hidden behind the red door, starting with the open concept public areas.

Large windows add light to the cozy spaces found within, and wood floors polished to a bright glow provide a warmth that is elegant and appealing. The colors of the Cape can be found throughout; the blue of the skies on a summer day appears in the plush furnishings of the living room, the tan of the sands that frame our beaches adorn the walls, and the crisp whites that exemplify our New England simplicity are seen in the cabinets of the cozy kitchen located just off the living area. Compact and efficient, this space is fully equipped, and because the room is open to the rest of the home, the cook of the day does not have to feel left out and alone! A cozy dining space and a bathroom completes the public space, again, compact and cozy but still managing to offer everything you need to make your stay in our Foran Realty cottage one that checks off all the boxes for a dream vacation.

Don’t stop yet, as there is still more to see. Head up the stairs to the loft bedroom, furnished with a super soft bed topped with a classic quilt. Angled ceilings painted blue give this space a romantic feel while unique shaped windows let in light and warmth on a cooler summer Cape Cod day.

Built for Relaxation

Entertainment options don’t stop at the door with this cozy cottage; outside you will find a wood deck topped with a barbecue grill and chaise lounge chairs resting casually in the green grasses of the yard. Reserve Cape Cod Property 100 with us today and discover how much you have been needing this Cape Cod getaway!

As you start planning your upcoming Cape Cod vacation, you may find yourself dreaming about a specific type of home, one that offers the beachfront lifestyle you’ve seen in the movies. Our Cape Cod Property #272 offers everything you could wish for! Featuring four cozy and comfortable bedrooms, three spacious and spa-like baths, and views of the ocean that will make you fall in love, this special space is designed to give its occupants the ultimate in beach vacations. This guide will give you an up close and personal peek inside one of our favorite escapes.

Your Home for the Week

Upon the first steps inside our classic New England beachfront cottage, guests often feel as if they have arrived at home. Cozy yet spacious, each room is filled with simple treasures designed to add to the wonders of your Cape Cod getaway; a cheerful kitchen is light, bright, and filled with updated appliances, a living area with comfort sofas that are perfect for napping, and a dining room offering a place for the family to gather for meals, games, or quiet conversations after the sun sinks into the horizon and the moon bathes the landscape with an ethereal glow. Luxury is different here on Cape Cod as we forego the “fluff” for a straightforward simplicity that speaks to the heart: wood floors that feel cool beneath bare feet, granite counters in the bathrooms, and for a little extra touch of luxury, smart televisions that turn a rainy night into a special occasion when spent watching movies and enjoying a bowl of fresh popped popcorn!

The Fun Starts Here

Inside is cozy and comfortable, but when you step outside onto the deck that runs along the back of the house, the awe-inspiring views will take your breath away. Spend your hours sitting on the lounge chairs listening to the music of the ocean, enjoying a glass of wine as the sun sets, or even napping under the summer sun as ocean breezes kiss your cheeks. Beach chairs that are provided by the owner will let you get even closer to the Atlantic Ocean, and as you dig your toes in the sand and feel whatever remaining tension you have drain from your shoulders, you will know that this moment right now is one you will never forget.

Every Vacation Is Different

When you spend your Cape Cod escape in one of our Foran Realty homes, your getaway will be something dreams are made of. Reserve Cape Cod Property #272 today!

For many travelers, the dream of visiting or living in a cottage on Cape Cod is deeply embedded in their souls. If you are one such dreamer, Foran Realty can make your dream come true as we offer up one of your favorite places, Cape Cod Property #314. Offering 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and hours of comfort, the simple charms of this cottage will make inhabitants feel like they walked out of real-life and into the pages of a romance novel! Located within walking distance from the beach and featuring all the little extras you would hope a Cape Cod cottage would offer, this sweet home is destined to make all your vacation dreams come true!

Simply Beautiful

As you follow the stepping stones that lead from the flower-covered garden arch to the front door of the cottage, your heart may start to quicken in anticipation and as the door swings open, the knowledge that you are “home,” if only for a few days, becomes so very real! Walk into a space that is light and bright and filled with a combination of furnishings constructed in a variety of materials; a cozy dining space filled with wrought-iron tables and chairs offers a touch of warmth in rooms that are generally crisp and cool. Wicker chairs perched in front of sliding glass doors that peek out into the yard offer the perfect spot for reading, relaxing, or pinching yourself as you realize that yes, your New England Cape experience is really happening!

The living area offers pale blue walls and ceilings made of whitewashed shiplap and a soft blue sofa that invites guests to plop down, relax, and get warm in front of a roaring fire. The state of the art television hanging over the mantel offers more opportunity for relaxing as you watch movies, sitcoms, or more likely, ignore it altogether for the pleasures that can be found outside! Offering a picnic bench located on a gravel pad underneath a wood pergola, and a shed decorated with colorful flowers and another seating area inside; the pink beach cruiser with larger wicker basket hanging off the front handlebars will give you hours of fun as you explore the Cape. Don’t rest here too long, as there’s still plenty more to see inside!

The fully equipped kitchen tucked away in a corner at the back of the cottage still manages to be open to the rest of the space, a dining table located behind the couch offers a place to play games (board games are stacked on the small bookshelves in the corner, or you can bring your own), eat meals, or sip your coffee in the early hours of the morning. A bright and cheerful bedroom is dominated with a wrought-iron bed topped with nautical-themed linens and also offers a sweet wood chair painted a cheery shade of turquoise. The one bathroom, located behind a white barn door wall, is spacious and well equipped, and the enclosed patio found off the living room features two white wood daybeds, red shaded nautical-themed lamps, and the perfect spot for daydreaming or taking naps on a rainy Cape day.

It’s time to stop dreaming and reserve this Foran Realty Cape Cod cottage. Contact us today!